Strate Tri-Party Collateral Management - The Power of Three

Local and global regulatory trends point to the need for greater collateralisation of financial instruments. The consequence of this leads to more focus being placed on the need to centralise and streamline the collateral management function. Strate’s Collateral Management Services (SCMS) is a Tri-party collateral agent which offers the supervision of securities that are held as collateral to cover exposures of any bilateral principal agreement.  As a neutral collateral agent, we handles all the allocation, optimisation and substitution in straight-through processing and in real time. SCMS was the first integrated agency-based collateral management service launched by Strate as part of its mission to continuously provide innovative products for the South African financial markets. Our Services have been developed to address the secured financing and investment needs of traders and investors to integrate with many existing off-the shelf bilateral collateral management solutions. The range of clients using the service can include the central bank, securities lenders and borrowers, commercial banks, broker-dealers, central counterparties and asset managers.

Why Strate is best positioned to offer Tri-Party Collateral Management?

  • Neutral Agent
  • Independent
  • Trusted third party
  • Ability to optimise client assets with real-time inventory

What can we do for you?

SCMS offers two fully automated collateralisation services.

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  • Securities Lending and Borrowing
  • Derivatives
  • Asset Managers
  • Corporate Treasuries
  • Banks
  • Central Counterparties


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