The safety and efficiency of the financial market is of utmost importance.  As a financial market infrastructure, the effectiveness and efficiency of the control environment at Strate is fundamental to the successful operation of the CSD on a day-to-day basis.

Strate is committed to playing its part in ensuring and enhancing the integrity of the South African financial market through the effective operation of a world-class Central Securities Depository (CSD) that has, as one of its core objectives, the effective management of risk.

Strate has adopted a structured and disciplined approach to the management of risk. Through continual engagement, stakeholders provide valuable input that assists in the identification and effective management of risk


Adopting the CPMI-IOSCO Principles

Managing risk is an integral part of generating sustainable shareholder and stakeholder value. By identifying and understanding the types of risks that may arise, the sources of these risks can be determined and assessed. 

Effective clearing and settlement systems, such as those deployed by Strate, all contribute to mitigating a number of risks in the market. This is even more appropriate when they are aligned with high international standards and recommendations, such as those of the Committee on Payment and Market Infrastructures and International Organization of Securities Commissions (CPMI-IOSCO), which have formed an integral part of our risk management approach.


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