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Listed Companies

Value-Added Services to Listed Companies

In terms of section 56 of the Companies Act, disclosure of beneficial ownership is required to be provided monthly or at a frequency as determined by the CSD. Strate now accordingly provides full beneficiary disclosure to issuers and/or their appointed agents on a monthly or on a weekly basis.

To enhance the value of the statutory beneficial download, Strate also provides a number of variations of the report, which enables the recipient to better analyse the breakdown or make-up of the shareholder base. 

These Reports Include:

  • Comparison of Holdings (between either the weekly or monthly disclosure);
  • Top Beneficial Owners and Top Registered Holders (i.e. Bank, Broker and Approved Nominees), including the percentage of the issued shares  (certificated and dematerialised), which is held by each dematerialised shareholder;
  • Breakdown between Resident and Non-Resident Dematerialised Shareholders;
  • Summary of Shareholders by Country; and
  • Dematerialised Shareholders by Band.