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Money Market Capital Events

Corporate action announcements are a critical and high-risk part of the securities processing business. The intricacies associated with such events continue to make the corporate actions arena one of the most complex post-trade activities to manage.

Strate, in its role as CSD for the South African securities markets, performs a critical role in overseeing the distribution of funds in respect of corporate events for the equities, bonds and money market environments. 

Strate provides the following money market capital services to the market:

Money Market Capital Events

While the money market remains an informal market, Strate now processes all capital events in an electronic format including:

  • Coupon payments;
  • Maturity payments;
  • Deposit and withdrawals (top-ups and reductions); and
  • Real-time reports and queries can be provided to the issuer agent.

Strate also provides market advisory and consultancy services to issuers and sponsors regarding the processing of potential corporate actions and events.

Strate understands that the corporate actions environment is dynamic, ever changing and is filled with complexities. With this in mind, Strate’s corporate actions system is flexible, as it can facilitate the execution of all corporate actions and events, irrespective of the complexities.