The Board is responsible for ensuring that the company adheres to sound corporate governance principles and it is accountable to its shareholders, while also considering the interests of other stakeholders.

Strate’s Board of Directors is as follows:

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NG Payne
A Nortjé
C Bruyns*
CHM Edwards*
K Getz
A Greenwood
E Masilela
D Naidoo
NF Newton-King
RD Proudfoot
M Ramplin
MJ Stocks
SPM Yates


The shareholders of Strate are: 

King Report on Corporate Governance

We apply the King III principles of Corporate Governance. To view a table of the application of these principles, click here:

View PDF

The company is performing an evaluation against the King IV Principles.

Board and Committees

The Board has six permanent committees to assist in the execution of its responsibilities, as follows: 

• Audit and Risk Committee
• Regulatory and Supervisory Committee 
• Remuneration and Nominations Committee 
• Social and Ethics Committee 
• Participant Failure Committee 
• Urgent Issues Committee


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